I offer various services to individuals
institutions, groups and businesses

I am interested in how our lives
and societies are adapting to environmental
I welcome others to work with me with this in mind


An association of experts offering their services
to Institutions, Organisations and Business with a focus
upon the cultural, social, economic and existential
challenges of the climate effect.


Courses, Workshops, Personal Development Sessions for
Institutions, Business, Educators, Teachers,
Coaches, Counsellors, Therapists
and anyone interested.

Education for Sustainability in SCAPESPACE
assisting resilience, well-being and
developing adaptive strategies
for the survival of human systems
in eco-cultural collapse.

Education for behaviour change
for the prevention of the climate effect
from becoming catastrophic

The Living Legacy Association certifies the
SCAPESPACE provision of teaching and supervision.

After Life Coaching
I offer a service on integrating life history and events around death
to individuals and families from within an Existential Orientation.


Academic and Management Consultancy
I offer services to Institutions and Businesses in
developing standards for Education for Sustainable Development,
and management and organisational development.


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